Business Trips & Annual Conference

With the development of international education, more and more parents, students, office staff, school management are willing to take a trip to western countries to obtain more  up-to-date firsthand information about schools abroad, advanced education methods and concepts, international school cooperation, further education opportunities and potential educational investment. So many people choose to take a short term trip to abroad for different purposes, but most of travel agents only provide fixed tight trip schedule for fun. In order to promote professional cultural and academic exchange, WENS specificially presents different business trips for those who consider international trips not only for holiday, but for gathering information for future education,  annual conference, investment or culture study. 

随着国际教育的发展和深入,更多的家长、学生、公司职员、校方管理希望能够通过出访海外获取关于国外学校、先进西方教育理念和方法、国际学校合作、海外深造机会及潜在海外教育投资等方面的最新一手信息。虽然出访者抱有不同的出访目的,但一般旅行社只能提供固定的旅行路线,简单满足度假者的需要。为了促进专业的文化和学术交流,文思精心为那些希望通过短期国际旅行获得教育、投资和深入了解文化的专业人士设计不同的访美旅行。期间,出访者不仅可以领略全球知名的美国各大景点,更可以走访国际知名学府,参加国际性教育年会,与跨文化专业人士直接沟通,亲身体验海外生活,全方位了解真实的美国,为今后的求学、择校、专业提升、投资和合作获取最有效的信息。您可以进入CONTACT US 电邮我们,获得最近行程信息